Maricopa County School Support Program

The School Support Program is a public health initiative designed predominantly to serve your school's health office. Please complete these sections in direct consultation with your health office personnel.

We are only able to process individual school requests, so please complete a separate form for each school site (no district wide requests). Requests will be shared with coordinators from the Medical Reserve Corps.

School Information

The Primary Point-of-Contact (POC) will be the first priority for calls and communications regarding the School Support Program. The Secondary POC will be included in all emailed communications and will be the next individual called when the Primary POC is unavailable. Please ensure that at least one of these contacts is a member from your school's health office.
On-Site Health Office POC

School Point-of-Contact: Secondary

Health Office Support


Clerical and Administrative Support


Other School Support Needs
Please understand that this is a public health operation and that our primary scope of work is to support the health office. We would also be happy to support schools in large, time-sensitive projects, such as operational support for new semesters, or district-wide student health functions. However, our programs are not designed to replace or fill administrative, health office, clerical, or teacher-aid staff positions. If you have specialty projects or specific support needs not covered by the above options, please detail them below for our knowledge and consideration:

IVP and Bilingual Requirements
Do you require IVP Fingerprint Clearance for MRC personnel?
Not requiring IVP Fingerprint Clearance will open up a significantly larger pool of potential MRC applicants, but MCDPH is actively offering IVP fingerprint clearance to MRC personnel interested in the School Support Program.

All Medical Reserve Corps personnel have cleared background checks with Maricopa County and they are insured (within their scope of practice) for workers’ comp, liability, and malpractice under the MCDPH Risk Trust Insurance.

  Yes, we require IVP Cards
  No, we do not require IVP Cards
Do you have a need for bilingual (English/Spanish) support?
If yes, we will advertised that bilingual support is ideal. Bilingual MRC personnel are less common.

  No, we do not need bilingual support
  Yes, we would prefer bilingual support, but are open to other MRC volunteers
  Yes, we require bilingual support and are not open to other MRC volunteers

Upon completion of this intake form, a program coordinator will reach out to discuss scheduling and services with the Primary POC in more detail. MRC volunteers typically work in 4-hour shifts, which are available from an online database. We'll create a tailored profile and shift registry based on your school's needs, and we'll provide MRC promotional materials if you would like to source volunteers from your local community. The Medical Reserve Corps and the School Support Team do not have the ability to assign MRC directly to schools. MRC volunteers choose their sites and offered shifts at their own discretion.

Please enter your requested shift times (with a specific start and end time) for each day. For days you are not requesting support, a "0" or N/A, work just fine.